Upcoming Events!

4/13/2014: Harmony Stockton Sings the National Anthem at a Ports Game

4/27/2014: Benefit Concert for the Crisis Recovery with Pacific Students at Quail Lakes Baptist Church

5/3/2014: Collaborative Concert with the Youth Orchestra of Salinas (YOSAL) at Faye Spanos Concert Hall

What is Harmony Stockton?

Launched August 1, 2011 
at Marshall Elementary in Stockton, California

Harmony Stockton is...

... a daily after-school enrichment program combining two hours of music instruction with academic tutoring and regular public performance to assist young students in developing life skills toward personal, academic, and social success

... a partnership of four organizations with a five-year commitment to fund and expand Harmony Stockton at a Title I elementary school in Stockton CA

... one of 55 El Sistema-inspired programs in the United States seeking to translate the inspiration of El Sistema in Venezuela to American communities and educational structures

Harmony Stockton is proud to have...

... enthusiastic support from parents and school staff

... enduring commitment from the four partnership organizations

... a dream team of instructors 


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Special thanks to C. Roy Yokingco for allowing Harmony to use the Downtown Stockton background found above.

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